Lothians and Fife will have attractive, biodiverse networks of woodlands, greenspaces, wetlands and semi natural habitats.

These networks will contribute to the development of a strong local economy and provide diverse benefits for local residents including recreation, health and well being.

Local people will be actively involved in the planning, creation, development and management of these networks, which will be key assets for the community.



A key role for the Lothians and Fife Green Network Partnership (LFGNP) will be to promote information-sharing and networking amongst the sectors, and co-ordinate the development of key programmes and strategic projects.


The activities of the Partnership have a regional focus to address green network opportunities and needs across the Lothians and Fife, but are entirely complementary with the vision and priorities for the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).

csgnCentral Scotland Green Network

As part of the wider CSGN, LFGNP is committed to promoting the economic, social and ecological benefits of green networks across the region through coordinated action.

The Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 2 (NPF2) (2009) identifies the CSGN as a national development to be reflected in all development plans within central Scotland.

The CSGN is a strategic network of woodland and other habitats, active travel routes, greenspace links, watercourses and waterways, providing an enhanced setting for development and other land uses and improved opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural activity.

The CSGN represents a major opportunity to improve the environment of the 19 Local Authorities within the region.

The CSGN Vision for Central Scotland is that ‘By 2050, Central Scotland has been transformed into a place where the environment adds value to the economy and where people’s lives are enriched by its quality.’ More information on the CSGN Vision is available via the CSGN website.

For more information on the activities of the LFGNP see the LFGNP Business Plan