The National Planning Framework

The National Planning Framework NPF3 was published in 2014 and sets out a vision for the development of Scotland for the next 20-30 years. NPF sets out the Scottish governments strategy directing the county’s spatial development in doing this the NPF identifies 14 national developments, one of which is the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN). A statement of need for the CSGN within NPF3 embeds the importance of the CSGN signalling its strategic importance.

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP)

The current SPP was published in 2014 and contains policy relating to maximising the benefits of green infrastructure stating that ‘Planning should protect, enhance and promote green infrastructure, including open space and green networks, as an integral component of successful placemaking’.

All representations, comments and feedback were taken into account in drafting the proposed National Planning Framework (NPF3) and finalised Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) during the public consultation period in the summer of 2013.

Planning Advice Notes (PAN)

Planning Advice Notes (PANs) are documents which supports SPPs PAN 65 Planning and Open Space containing advice on the role of the planning system in protecting and enhancing existing open spaces and providing high quality new spaces. PAN 83 Masterplanning promotes the use of masterplanning to create better places.

Green Infrastructure Design and Placemaking

The Scottish Government has produced a Green Infrastructure Design and Placemaking document aimed at Planners, Landscape Architects, Developers, housebuilders and others involved development and planning of the built and green environments.

This document describes the concept of green infrastructure and how it and green networks can contribute to design and placemaking. This document builds on Scottish Government advice contained within ‘designing places’ and ‘designing streets’, describing practical steps on how green infrastructure can be incorporated within masterplanning.

SES Plan

SESPlan is the Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland comprising the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Fife, Midlothian, Scottish Borders and West Lothian Councils.  The SESPlan has replace the existing Edinburgh and the Lothians Structure plan Fife Structure Plan and Scottish Borders Structure Plan.

Strategic development plans provide a framework which Planning Authorities use to develop their planning policy. It is intended that Green Network policies will be included in developing Strategic and Local Development plans covering the CSGN region.

SNH, FCS and other agencies have contributed to the emerging SESplan to ensure the CSGN in  embedded within the proposed plan. The Plan states the need for a green network strategy.

Green Networks Technical Note from the SESplan 2 Main Issues Report is available which provides supporting information on Green Networks.

Local Development Plans

Local Development Plans are being developed by the relevant local authorities and contain a vision statement, spatial strategy, general planning policies and key maps and diagrams for the local authority area.

These plans are developed in accordance with the NPF and the Strategic Development Plans.

The inclusion of CSGN in NPF2 means all development plans within the CSGN activity area must take into account, development of the CSGN and incorporate green networks into their spatial strategy.

The SDPs requires LDPs to identify opportunities and development of the CSGN.

All Local Authorities within the LFGNP region are developing their Local Development Plans which will replace existing Local Plans. The latest information on the status of the Local Development Plans is available using these links.

City of Edinburgh – East Lothian – Fife
Midlothian – West Lothian

LFGNP have developed a planning topic paper which summarises how green networks will be delivered across the Lothians and Fife and includes current (December 2013) green network policy and mapping activity throughout the Lothians and Fife, including anticipated green network guidance.

Each Local Authority develops guidance and documentation to support Local Development Plans. Supplementary Planning documents provide guidance on local planning matters. Those documents which are used in identifying opportunities to develop Green Networks and include: Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) such as Green Infrastructure SPG and other Supporting Documentation such as: Open Space Strategies; Core Path Plans; Active Travel Plans; and Design Guides. All of these can be found through each Council’s LDP web pages.

Green network related SPG:

The City of Edinburgh Council has mapped essential green network links in the Proposed LDP and the Edinburgh Design Guidance establishes quality and placemaking objectives for green networks.