SNH also help the Scottish Government and planning authorities to plan for and deliver sustainable economic growth.

Green Networks

SNH – has produced an information note – Green networks in Development Planning which explains the background to green networks, their multi-functionality and provides development planning advice in respect of green networks.

A Forest Research report; commissioned by SNH reviews existing approaches to green network planning and management on Green Networks documents.

SNH have also collated a selection of Green Network planning case studies

IHN Mapping

SNH encouraging the consideration of Integrated Habitat Networks  in Development Planning. SNH have produced short summary guides: ‘Essential guide to habitat networks‘ and ‘Guide on the interpretation and use of habitat network models’

SNH have habitat networks maps (IHN) for the whole CSGN area. These maps can be searched using place names or postcodes. These maps and information on how to interpret these maps can be found here.


FCS also help the Scottish Government and planning authorities by working with them to deliver the Scottish Forestry Strategy. They also contribute to many aspects of wider Scottish Government policy such as energy, environment and climate change, biodiversity, healthy living, rural transport, tourism and education.

The Right Tree in the Right Place – Planning for Forestry and Woodlands (PDF 1.7Mb) provides guidance to planning authorities on the multiple benefits that can be derived from well-planned and well-managed woodlands and encourages them to prepare new forestry and woodland strategies to guide future woodland expansion. The information contained within this guidance has influenced the Edinburgh and Lothian Forestry and Woodland Strategy produced by LFGNP.

Further Guidance available from FCS on creating new and managing existing woodlands

Landscape Institute (LI)

The Landscape Institute champion green infrastructure and the role of landscape architects in implementing it, through publications, research, events, PR work, and responses to government policy consultations.

They have published:

and compiled case studies in recent green infrastructure landscape projects.

The LI Green Infrastructure policy position statement argues that green infrastructure needs to be taken as seriously as the more familiar ‘grey infrastructure’ of roads, railways and power lines.

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

The RTPI promotes the enhancement and maintenance of the green and blue spaces and environmental systems which sustain and enrich quality of life in, around and between urban areas.

RTPI have released a briefing note on Green Infrastructure across the UK.

Architecture + Design Scotland

Sustainability is a vital consideration for Architecture + Design Scotland in designing both buildings and places. Their website has news and a variety of articles on Green Networks, including a presentation by Max Hislop, Manager of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership.


CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association have improvement, innovation and research and publications realting to green infrastrucutre.

They have several projects underway relating to green infrastructure and published several documents on sustainability and the built environment.

They also host the Delivering SuDS initiative.

Greenspace Scotland

have been working on a programme of Community Placemaking for Green Networks in Glasgow and West Lothian.