Midlothian WIAT opportunities

Midlothian WIAT opportunities

A study of all Midlothian Council owned woodland to identify sites which would be best suited to take forward for funding under The Forestry Commission Scotland WIAT initiative.

LFGNP, with funding from FCS, managed a study of all Midlothian Council-owned woodland to identify sites which would be best suited for funding bids under The Forestry Commission Scotland WIAT initiative.  This study supported Midlothian Council plans to develop Green Networks in their area, and also met priorities for Edinburgh & Lothians Forest and Woodland Strategy.

The study reviewed Council Woodland assets using the selection criteria of; site location, social factors, access and biodiversity. The scoring system also related to population centres (demand) and SIMD (social need) and therefore gave sites potentially providing the greatest public benefit a higher overall score.

Phase one of the feasibility studies was completed in August 2016 and identified 10 potential sites. 10 Site visits were undertaken with MLC, LFGNP and FCS to review the findings of the feasibility study and to confirm the top 4 sites from the woodland assessment to be taken forward for UWMP’s. These were:

  • South Esk
  • Ironmills
  • Mauricewood Bing
  • Cuiken Glen

Stakeholder consultation was held Jan/Feb 2017 and all 4 Urban Woodland Management Plans plans were submitted by the consultant in February 2017.