Improving Fife’s Woods

Improving Fife’s Woods

A feasibility assessment study was undertaken by Fife Council and LFGNP to prioritise which Fife Council owned woodland sites would contribute to Fife’s green network.

Following a review of the Fife Forest & Woodland Strategy a feasibility assessment was undertaken by Fife Council and LFGNP to prioritise which Fife Council-owned woodland sites could contribute to Fife’s green network, and be best suited for funding under The Forestry Commissions Woods In and Around Towns (WIAT). The study consisted of two assessment phases.

The first phase was a desktop based assessment which examined a variety of site information, building on The Fife Forest & Woodland Strategy, and was mainly GIS based. This report gives more detail on Phase 1.

The sites were scored based on the site selection attributes for Social factors, Access, and Biodiversity and the results totalled to give an overall site score. 10 of the highest scoring sites were selected for further investigation. Visits to the 10 top scoring sites to assessed the sites in terms of WIAT suitability, and gave insight into the sites in context. The sites were then scored based on their suitability.

Phase 2 saw assessments and feasibility reports produced for:

Oakley & Comrie

Stakeholder consultation was held Feb/March 2016. As a result of this process four site were selected to be taken forward for Management Plan production and subsequent applications made under WIAT for grant assistance.

This report gives more detail on Phase 2.

The Forestry Commission WIAT initiative aims to improve quality of life in towns and cities, to bring neglected woodland into active management and to work with people to help them use their local woodlands.